Atlantic stoneworks

Your professional source for residential and commercial stone work throughout New Brunswick
We have decades of experience both residential and commercial installing professional stonework, pavers, brickwork, retaining wall, cement and all landscaping.
Let us talk with you about how to beautify your landscape and increase the value of your property with professional installation.  We have worked with all types of situations and have the expertise to give you the great results you expect when installing permanent upgrades to your home or business.

Discover the Beauty of stone

Only The Best

Exceptional work is only as good as the quality of the instalation.
We take pride in the work we do and how our projects stand up to the test of time, year after year.  This type of longevity only comes with expertise in land preparation and taking the time to prepare the base correctly.  Most stonework of any type fails due to improper preparation before ever installing the first piece.  This is where some people loose on their investment as it looks great until a winter or two of frost and moisture have ruined that expensive work.  We stand behind what we install.

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